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Little Isabella, she’s due to arrive at some stage, but I don’t know when.(born ) is an English television presenter, reality TV star, life coach and former professional footballer, he is currently best known for his many roles on This Morning, he first appeared on the show as a stand in segment host in 2006 and then returned to the show full-time as a Hub Presenter and Segment Host in 2010.Edd China is stunned when Mike Brewer shows him his latest purchase, an unroadworthy VW Beetle, and decides to turn it into a beach buggy Bond Bug Series 7 - Episode 7 of 10 Mike Brewer searches for the Bond Bug, a three-wheeled 1970s British sports car, hoping that if he can acquire one his expert mechanic Edd China can make it roadworthy once more Scream Clean Series 1 - Episode 1 of 52 The story of teenager Luke Watson with the werewolf gene, who has been transferred to Scream Street to live alongside zombies, vampires, mummies, witches and monsters Digging Deeper Series 1 - Episode 4 of 26 The object Will and Ant are retrieving from the deepest part of the ocean is not what they expected - and now there is a stowaway on the Aronnax trying to take control of it Atrocious Artists Series 7 - Episode 4 of 15 A look at the work of some of history\'s greatest artists, from the first images painted onto the walls of caves through to Chris Ofili\'s work with elephant poo Mind-bending egg-cupping, unicycle golfing, domino ding dong Series 6 - Episode 13 of 15 Today\'s show features world record attempts from an incredible contortionist; a pair of martial artists who can smash wood mid air, and upside down; and a unicycling trick golfer!Plus there is a nail biting domino rally competition; and we send a record breaker into the gunge tank The Show and Tell Badge Series 1 - Episode 18 of 52 The big dog has something interesting to show the squirrels, but it is a bit prickly, so they go off into the garden to find their own things to show and tell Not My Patch Series 1 - Episode 11 of 30 The children learn about taking responsibility as they help to tidy up mess on the estate, and try to bring new life to a barren patch of ground outside Flo\'s cafe Up from the Depths - Part One Series 2 - Episode 6 of 26 Part one of two.'There's the value of grief which differs from one person to the next, then vitally, there's what we personally add to it or what the grief combines with, that ultimately decides which journey through grief we experience.'In November Jeff revealed he was preparing for the festive season, telling the Daily Record: 'Christmas is the one day of the year when it's most obvious someone's missing. Jade Goody tragically passed away eight years ago at the age of 27 leaving two young sons, Bobby and Freddie, behind.But she got very personal on social media this week when she revealed how he catches up on TV…

Speaking to The Sun about the worst aspects of dealing with youngsters who are mourning a loved one, Jeff confessed: 'The worst possible thing I’ve heard from both boys would be: "I wish it was you that was dead and not Mum."' Devastating: Jeff Brazier, father to the late Jade Goody's sons Bobby and Freddie - who were just four and five years old when their mother passed away from cervical cancer - reveals that his sons have struggled to cope with their grief He said: 'Grief generates the worst possible feelings, it really clouds your judgement.'The words they come out with they’re not always in control of and they’re just saying them because what they’re actually trying to say is "Dad, help me".'In March, Jeff appeared on This Morning to to help others going through similar traumas as he lead the 'coping with grief' phone-in.

Advising callers on how to live with their pain, the 37-year-old life coach offered support to a woman struggling to cope after multiple losses – including both her parents and her eight-year-old son – as well as a terminal cancer sufferer who wanted to know how to broach the subject with her children.

Viewers were overwhelmed by the segment, tweeting: '@Jeff Brazier [hat] goes of to u Jeff the help & changes ur making in ppls lives.

Day Nine - Morning Session Gabby Logan presents coverage of the morning session on day nine at The London Stadium in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, including the men\'s and women\'s 4x100m heats.

Coverage continues on BBC2Up from the Depths - Part One Series 2 - Episode 6 of 26 Part one of two.