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The other buildings in the park include the Cheshire Dyer Memorial Hall, Ottawa Chatter, Children's amusement park, Doll museum, etc.The Vijayranga Theater complex screens children's films and stage plays.The Cubbon Park of Bangalore spreads over an area of approximately 250 acres and is quite frequented by both walkers as well as joggers.The engineer of Cubbon Park was by Sir Richard Sankey, the then Chief Engineer of Mysore.Dating sites created and managed by Dating / Matchmaking software. We surely want the feedback from you about this software so that we can make it the best for you based on your recommendations.The builder was Kempe Gowda I, a vassal of the Vijaynagar Empire and the founder of Bangalore, now Bengaluru.Haider Ali in 1761 replaced the mud fort with a stone fort.

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It was captured by the British after victory in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War (1799), who returned administrative control of the city to the Maharaja of Mysore.

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The fort has provided the setting for the treasure hunt in the book Riddle of the Seventh Stone.

The confirmed history of the Bangalore Fort is traced to 1537, when Kempe Gowda I (pictured), a chieftain of the Vijayanagara Empire, widely held as the founder of modern Bangalore, built a mud fort and established the area around it as Bengaluru Pete, his capital.