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She canceled a date she had set up with a guy she met on Tinder, because the things he was saying just weren’t sitting right with her. ) crazy texts from the guy who she nicknamed Batshit Crazy Guy (and clearly for good reason), msmessyclean posted eight screenshots of his rant.

He was too offbeat and I began to feel uncomfortable.I like to think that many people don’t actually mean to cause offence but, sadly, I know that some people do.Not enough love: This is when someone says they love their spouse too much to even consider dating if they were to die.But then, she started to go off in a direction that left me with a bitter taste. And that my friends not only speaks volumes on behalf of Black Women, but it instills a sense of hope for humans in general. Me: Cooooooooooolllll Beans White Girl: The other day, some Asian guy tried hitting on me but I wasn’t interested. Acting as if, because they are white, they get “first pick.” They act like they’re the Queen of some far away country who can waltz in and be like “I AM WHITE! Now, I know this sounds like George Orwell’s “2 Minutes of Hate” but I assure you, I white girls. And unlike the White Girls that I explained above, the Black Women that I’ve met have been goddamn humble, time and time again.In an attempt to blog more, I’ve decided to write more short blogs that focus on my current thoughts towards Interracial Relationships, and the Race to AMBW World Domination. She, a white girl, was frenetically obsessed with Asian guys and would boast about her encounters with HAWT Asians. But I’m just sick and tired of these White girls walking around with a Kanye West sized ego acting like they “run this shit.” Cuz you know what? They talk with an open mind, and there’s hardly a spec of cockyness in sight.