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The simple reason for this is that the divine command in the primary texts does not extend such an allowance to women.

While scholars mention certain wisdoms underlying this rule, such as the fact that the religious identity of one’s progeny is less likely to be preserved in a marriage between a Muslim woman and non-Muslim man, the ruling ultimately is not subject to context nor whether such a wisdom is actually realized in a given situation. If a woman is in a situation where she is in a pre-marital relationship with a non-Muslim man, such a relationship must be ended as soon as possible.

The exception in Qur’an 5:5 was only extended to men and not to women as is clear.

As such, the permission to marry the ahl al-kitab only extends to men.

So regardless of a man's actual beliefs, if he has proof that he is Muslim, he may marry a Muslim woman.

Likewise, if a woman has proof that she is Muslim, Christian, or Jewish, she will almost always be considered as such; a Muslim man may marry her.

This is true under the law of almost ever Muslim country, and also true for most all Muslim wedding officials.

In most secular governments, religion is not an issue in marriage.

3) If the people concerned are already in a relationship, is it preferable for them to get married? The permissibility of a Muslim man marrying a woman from the ahl al-kitab (‘People of the Book’) is understood from the Qur’anic verse, “It is lawful for you to marry chaste Muslim women and chaste women of the People of the Book when you have given them their dowries.” (5:5) According to most scholars, this verse specifies or abrogates a previous verse of the Qur’an (1) that prohibited men and women from marrying non-Muslim polytheists.The workings of legislation and courts varies from strict religious dogma.A person who proclaims himself or herself a Muslim in front of a competent authority is considered Muslim until he disavows Islam in front of a similarly competent authority.The question that makes even the most open-minded Imams squirm was revived – Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man? She did the unthinkable, the ultimate taboo for a good Muslim girl from a good Muslim family – she married a Jew… The answer in all the major schools of thought has traditionally been a resounding NO. As such, the bases for this opinion are two ayats [Qu’ran verses], the opinions of scholars I have questioned, and my own research.The answer in all the major schools of thought has traditionally been a resounding NO. This opinion does not apply to marriages where one converts to another’s faith.This is how muslims think in terms of their relationship with actual people, it is not important because they are already in love with mohamed and allah. Their only interest is being islamic, islamic rules, islamic worship. A lot of muslims marry when they are told to marry by their parents.